What we do

What we do

Components fibers

The company is providing more and more solutions to its customers with quality, style and beauty to better serve them. Our product line meets the high levels of quality and requirement of our clients and professionals of architecture, decoration, designer, joiner or manufacturer. With well trained staff to demonstrate the best alternatives for every service call.
In the market the fibers are being highlighted more and more by its easy adaptation in composing infinite options in design. So our endeavor is to find the best solutions for what you want to create or produce.

Components High Performance Coating

Through the water-based paints that can be applied in glass, wood, acrylic and aluminum we show our soul, where we join our ideology to always bring solutions with a high degree of quality, beauty and that do not harm the environment, we always work Thinking about the future.

Components High Technology Printing

We are driven by the desire to innovate, proof of this, Nano Printing puts the market’s disposition Wide format UV printers and prints on any type of flat material, with high quality of resolution and durability, we value what is beautiful and we offer you more this service and product that will bring exuberant results to your products.

Acasa Móveis

Back to the market, imported and national furniture with the concept of offering pieces with Style and Desing that translate wishes that we often can not express in words. We offer to the furniture market the opportunity of the exact combination between design and product, allowing a great diversification of the furniture that gain a design concept conquering new markets.