The city of São Bento do Sul, in the state of Santa Catarina, is essentially industrial and is prominent in the furniture industry. This scenario served as an inspiration for Flávio Schuhmacher, CEO of Import and Export Components, which has identified a great opportunity to do business in this area. Founding Components through a partnership with a German company with over 30 years of experience in importing and exporting products to the European market.
With this partnership, Components creates the brand Acasa Móves, which brings to the market in addition to furniture and decoration imported from Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany and China, national furniture mostly manufactured in São Bento do Sul, with the concept of offering pieces with style and desing that translate wishes that we often can not express in words. Components fully in tune with its mission to develop, produce and sell solutions that help make our customers more competitive, also offers furniture to the furniture market that give the perfect finishing touch in their projects, in addition to the guarantee of high quality.
A pioneer in the natural fiber market, Components brings to the furniture sector several models of natural Rattan, which are a great opportunity of the exact combination between design and product, allowing a great diversification of the furniture that gain a design concept conquering new markets.
Always following a strategic plan of continuous growth, the company is also present in the glass sector.
Exclusive distributor in Brazil of Oece glass paints – Becker Acroma Brazil, which is the world leader in the production of glass finishes, Components goes far beyond the simple action of distributing inks. Currently, the company has a physical area of ​​approximately 4000m², destined for production, and with a modern laboratory in order to improve the study and development of new technologies.
Oece glass paints, because they are water based, are totally free of the emission of pollutants to the environment, guaranteeing the highest quality and profitability in a multitude of colors with the possibility of creating various effects in an exclusive way, the follow-up of our technicians for the first applications there: within the customer’s business, anywhere in the country.
Serving the leading and most respected companies in the sector, Components does not stop and places the market in print on any type of flat material, with high quality of resolution and durability, bringing the main characteristic of nanotechnology. This ensures high resolution and full print durability.
These factors, coupled with Components’ policy of using paints free of any chemical solvent, unquestionably presents a great alternative to all traditional glass printing processes.
With printing capacity of 6m² per hour, the company’s management is already studying the possibility of working with one more shift to supply the great existing demand for material.
Grupo Components counts on professionals trained and integrated in the continuous objective of the company to meet the needs and expectations of the market, equipped with knowledge, creativity and objectivity.
We offer global solutions for the entire wood, acrylic and aluminum glass industry: residential furniture, corporate furniture, construction and outdoor furniture.
We are more than 20 years deeply committed to our technical and scientific resources, in the continuous search for the best and most beautiful products to offer the market always quality allied with novelty.